Endorsement of Shomer Emunim

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Congregation Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, New York.

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Transcription of the Above Recording of Rabbi Moshe Weinberger’s Comments

I would very highly recommend – I mean, there are some wonderful Sefarim [works of Kabbalah] that Baruch Hashem we have these days, but one has to be very very careful with these Sefarim. But there is a Sefer that came out a few months ago that is absolutely spectacular – and it’s in English! And it’s something which you’ll find to be very, very, very helpful. It’s a translation of the Shomer Emunim Hakadmon, one of the early Kabbalah Sefarim. The first 500-600 pages or so is the translation of Shomer Emunim Hakadmon, which is something that each person, every one of us, can learn and understand. And the second 400 pages or so of this Sefer is a very, very clearly written Hakdoma[/introduction] to these Yesodos[/principles] of Pnimius[/Kabbalah].  And it’s written by a very special Jew in Eretz Yisrael by the name of R. Avinoam Fraenkel. And now it’s in all the Sefarim stores. It came out just a little while ago and it’s very, very, very Chashuv[/important].  You’ll find it very helpful in all of these things that we are learning and it’s Kosher, it’s pure and it’s good.


These comments were made 30 mins 13 secs in to a talk published here.

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