Endorsement of Shomer Emunim

Rabbi Mendel Kessin, founder and director of the Tiferes Ramchal Institute



11 Tamarind Road, Lakewood, New Jersey, United States

The Zohar (1:116b-118a) predicts that one of the hallmarks of pre-Messianic times is that the wellsprings of Kabbalistic knowledge will open, and it will be revealed to all. However, Kabbalah is an area of knowledge that tends to be expressed in vague and undefined terms thereby leaving many people in a confused state.

It was therefore a great pleasure to review Rabbi Avinoam Fraenkel’s translation of Rabbi Yosef Ergas’ Shomer Emunim, and his excellent commentary on that work. In addition, he provided a Kabbalah Overview that will certainly help the reader in his attempt to understand the work. What is a significant contribution to that which is not the norm is that this work provides an exacting, clear and precise introduction to the Arizal’s Kabbalah. It frequently uses scientific concepts and metaphors to explain obscure Kabbalistic ideas, thereby making them genuinely accessible to a contemporary audience. In particular, it brings to light the remarkable connection between the Kabbalistic concept of Partzuf, (i.e., configurations of Sefirot,) and the scientific concept of Emergence, providing deep insight into the technological changes we are seeing in the world around us.

This work will enable many who have been intrigued by Kabbalah and subsequently desire to enter this area of profound Jewish Wisdom, to begin to properly grapple with its underlying basic concepts.

I am sure that Rabbi Fraenkel will be successful in his publication of this work, as he is providing the Jewish public with an invaluable service in allowing them to enter into this significantly important area. May G-d continue to help with the success of this translation and commentary as he has helped the author’s previous work, Nefesh HaTzimtzum, and may this contribute to accelerating the opening of the wellsprings of Kabbalistic knowledge.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin

2 Ellul 5779

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