Endorsement of Shomer Emunim

Rabbi David Daniel HaCohen, Rosh Yeshiva of the Kabbalah Yeshiva, Shaarey Kedusha Utefila, Jerusalem.

Translation of Rabbi David Daniel HaCohen’s Endorsement

Rabbi Avinoam Fraenkel presented me with his study on Shomer Emunim by our master, the Kabbalist, the godly one, Rabbi Yosef Ergas, of saintly, holy and blessed memory, in which he translated his holy words with eloquence and clarity. This was after he merited publishing the important work, Nefesh HaChaim, which was adorned with the approbations of the leading Kabbalists of our generation.

I also saw that he brought important introductions to Kabbalah study at the beginning of the work [i.e., the Kabbalah Overview, that now appears later in the work], comprised of correct and accurate details about matters that stand at the highest point of the Universe. With this he proves there was no argument between the Vilna Gaon and the Chassidic Movement over the concept of Tzimtzum. Similarly, his other words are true, and he follows an upright and correct path. I hereby bless him that his wellsprings should disseminate outwards, and that through him, many who are far should be drawn near to Torah and Fear of Heaven.

David Daniel HaCohen

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